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Hi everyone!

I am a new member! Though it's really late and overdue... I just watched Ghost Friends! Love the cast! And the cast is really underrated. Really hope they can gain more attention....

I recently translated Fukuda Saki's blog here @ http://twinkled0312.livejournal.com/

Hope you like it =)
22 September 2011 @ 07:33 pm
In July, it was announced that actor Ichihara Hayato will star in an action drama series called “Runaway ~Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni~” on TBS this fall. More cast members have been revealed, including Ueda Tatsuya (KAT-TUN), Tsukamoto Takashi, and Suda Masaki.

The story revolves around four men imprisoned on false charges. Ichihara plays a man sentenced to 6 years for murder. During his time in prison, his girlfriend (Fukuda Saki) gives birth to their daughter who has a heart illness, and when he finds out that his daughter’s life is in danger, he decides to break free from prison along with the other three men.

The three other escapees are played by Tsukamoto, Ueda, and Suda. Tsukamoto is a former yakuza sentenced to 10 years for murder. Ueda is a former host sentenced to 4 years on drug charges. Suda is the youngest of the group, a former motorcycle delivery man serving 3 years for similar drug charges.

“Runaway” will air on Thursday nights at 9:00pm, starting in October.

Source: TokyoGraph

Well, her role seems to be really small compared to her last drama. I wonder if she'll have much screen time? I also omitted the picture that came with the article because it was irrelevant to Saki. I doubt she'll have any articles about her role or any interviews about it so I decided to post this one despite it's miniscule Saki information.
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On July 14th, Fukuda Saki and Gouriki Ayame attended a press conference for their upcoming drama ‘IS ~Otoko demo Onna demo nai Sei~‘. Fukuda showed off her new hair-do to the press during the event, explaining, “This is the first time in my life I’ve gone short. I was extremely nervous the day I cut it. We cut about 20cm off. By cutting my hair I think I was able to naturally become my character, Haru, and I really like it.”

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15 July 2011 @ 02:37 pm

I just finished reading this manga a few weeks ago and cannot wait to see Saki's acting in this!

The drama “Quartet” – starring actress Fukuda Saki and R&B singer Matsushita Yuya – will be edited into movie format and shown for a limited time in Japan!

Beginning on June 10th, the popular drama will be shown for three days in select theaters in a specially-edited “movie” format. Matsushita Yuya and Nishiumi Kenichiro will personally greet the audience during each presentation of the movie.

“Quartet” is based off Osawa Arimasa’s series of the same name. The story revolves around four individuals with their own shattered pasts who are hired by the police to infiltrate a crime organization. Fukuda Saki also gained attention for her “hard-boiled” image after transforming into a tough blond character with tattoos and piercings for her role.

For fans unable to attend the exclusive screenings of “Quartet”, a DVD of the movie version will be released on June 22nd.

Source: tokyohive

Some of the article is old news. But the big news in the movie-format the show will be undergoing to be shown in theaters! I wish Saki could go for the meet-and-greet before the showings but she's probably busy with her new drama filming.

Rokuhana Chiyo’s award-winning manga “IS ~Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei~” is being turned into a live-action series on TV Tokyo, co-starring actresses Fukuda Saki (20) and Goriki Ayame (18). This will be Goriki’s first lead role in a drama series.

“IS” stands for “intersexual,” a term referring to people who cannot clearly be classified as male or female, and who may biologically possess characteristics of both sexes. Rokuhana’s manga primarily deals with the troubles faced by the young Hoshino Haru (played by Fukuda), an intersexual who was registered as a girl at birth but has been raised as a boy.

Goriki plays Aihara Miwako, a mysterious classmate who tries to get close to Haru. Inoue Masahiro has been cast as Ibuki Kenji, a member of the soccer club whom Haru begins having feelings for. Nishida Naomi and Minami Kaho play Miwako’s and Haru’s mothers, respectively.

TV Tokyo has scheduled “IS” for a Monday 10:00pm time slot this summer, beginning in July.

Source: Tokyograph

Sounds interesting~! I can't wait!!
06 March 2011 @ 02:56 pm
Info on another new drama that Saki will be in! :D

Shitsuren Hoken ~ Kokuraseya
Date: From 11.58 p.m., Thursdays, 7 April 2011
Station: NTV
Cast: Shirota Yu, Fukuda Saki, Furuta Arata
Synopsis: By day, Katsuki Ayumu (Shirota Yu), or ‘Luke’, is an associate professor of animal ecophysiology at a university, but by night, he becomes an investigator who conducts identity checks on clients with no confidence in love when they sign up for a hefty “heartbreak insurance” to buy assurance. He uses love psychology techniques to reveal the hearts of his members and assists them in determining the best timing to make a confession. “Heartbreak insurance” is a minimum of 1 million yen which is not refundable, and is insurance money 10 times the premium to soothe a member if he/she is dumped by the object of his/her affection after the confession or told to break up by the partner he/she is in a relationship with. Whether it is love at first sight or an unattainable, famous love interest, people can become a member as long as ‘Tracho’ (Furuta Arata) the effeminate chief priest of Yotsuba Shrine, which is responsible for the insurance, permits. Members are only subject to one condition, that is, to confess at the designated date and time.
Website: http://www.ytv.co.jp/shitsuren-hoken/

Another article on the dramaCollapse )

Can't wait to see more info and a preview for this.
12 February 2011 @ 12:43 pm
For anyone interested, Serendepity Fansubs is HARDsubbing Quartet. Personally, I prefer hardsubs & thought there could be a few of you who may as well.
For convenience, the Lj Comm jdramas is also re-upping SF's links at this post.
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AKB48 member, Ohshima Yuko, and actress Fukuda Saki have received “The 5th Bridal Jewelry Princess” awards, and appeared at the awarding ceremony held on January 28th at Tokyo Big Sight. This award is to recognize celebrities who fit as the image leaders for bridal jewelries. Both Ohshima and Fukuda showed up in wedding dresses designed by Katsura Yumi, and received a ring for their ring fingers.

According to Ohshima, this was the first time for her to wear a ring on her ring finger, and she said, “I felt as if I was getting married which made me very nervous.”

Fukuda said, “I’m quite happy to be able to wear a wedding dress and wonderful jewelry as a woman.”

This awarding ceremony was held under “The 22nd International Jewellery Tokyo 2011” (Japan’s largest Jewelry trade show), and “The 22nd Jewellery Best Dresser Awards” which we reported on January 26th, was also a part of this show.

Source: TokyoHive.com

Saki looks gorgeous~~ I ommitted the solo picture of Ohshima Yuko. You can find the picture at the source link which directs you to the original article.
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TBS held a press conference for their upcoming night drama “Quartet” starring Fukuda Saki and Matsushita Yuya.

Especially Fukada had to undergo quite a transformation for her very first role as hard-boiled young woman. For her role she graces a full-body tattoo, piercings and blond hair. “It feels like a whole different me. You can see a Fukada Saki you have never seen before,” she spoke enthusiastically about her role.

“Quartet” is a crime-action drama based on the universe of a novel of the same name by Osawa Arimasa, but with an entirely new story. It focuses on 3 young people with a truly scattered past and a person from the police that hired them to infiltrate a huge crime organization.

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Source: Ant-Network.com

She looks really pretty with the blonde hair! I wonder if I can find this drama FULLY SUBBED somewhere =D
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